Frequentiy Asked Question

Do I need to be “in shape” to do Functional Fit Class?

No!  This is a common misconception.  We train everyone from grandmothers to elite athletes and everything in between.  We start with the basics but remember, you will never be fit enough and that is why we are all here.  We concentrate on scaling for each individual, but still allow each member to get a great workout and accomplish their own personal goals.  Anyone can do Functional Fit Class as long as they are willing to work hard!

Will I get bulky?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we get, especially from women.  The answer is simply no.  There are a number of physiology reasons why it is extremely difficult for women to get monstrously big.  We want your fitness to be functional and focus on benchmark based goals instead of aesthetics.  Losing fat and gaining lean muscle is merely a side effect of increased performance.

Why is RW Functional Fitness, LLC pricier than the normal gym?

You aren't just paying for a gym membership when you join RW Functional Fitness.  A personal trainer can run hundreds of dollars per week.  So, really you are getting personal training for a fraction of the cost.  You are paying for experienced programming and training as well as an environment that will drive you to succeed and get the results you want!

The classes are for an hour, does that mean the workout takes a full hour?

Each one hour class consists of a warm-up, some skill work (strength and/or gymnastics), the WOD (Workout of the Day) and cool down/mobility. On average, the actual workout will take anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

I like what I see, but I am a little nervous it may be too hard.

Functional Fit is a scalable functional fitness program for people of all levels.  The beauty of the program is its ability to be scaled up or down, while still maintaining its effectiveness. Every new member is required to attend the Fundamentals class where we will learn about your level of fitness, as well as teach you all of the basic methods, and fundamental movements of CrossFit.  A fitness assessment test is performed in the Intro to give us a gauge of where your level of fitness is so that we may scale you accordingly in your training. We obviously would not have a member who has not worked out in 2 years doing the same exact workout as the athlete who trains regularly; we will scale down the load (weight), and intensity, and modify the movement to get you up to speed.  Before you know it, you will be performing WODs at full speed!  The worst thing you can do is do nothing at all. Moving is what the human body was built to do, and some movement is better than none at all.  Fear not, make the choice to live healthy and let us help get you there.


COUCH 2 FIT- Fitness Level(beginners only)
FUNCTIONAL FIT-Fitness Level(Advanced, Intermediate, beginners)
COUCH 2 FIT-Clients That Needs To Lose Weight
FUNCTIONAL FIT-Clients That Are Looking For Something Different From The Local Gym
COUCH 2 FIT-Body Weight, Kettlebells, Med Balls, Dumbbells, Plyoboxes, Short Distance Running
FUNCTIONAL FIT-Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at High Intensity, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training, Long Distance Running, Mobility

How do I get started?

Send us a contact form to setup your introbuction class or ono on one session.