Couch 2 Fit Class

RW Functional Fitness, LLC is proud to announce its Couch 2 Fit Class . We are looking for participants that are willing to dedicate 13 weeks to training with us. I ask for is your participation in 10 class sessions per month and following your customized nutrition guidelines. We feel confident that if you give us 13 weeks, we can lead you a new slimmer, more energized you.  

Who:  Individuals that need to lose weight(20lbs+) and fitness level beginners  
Time: 6am, 12pm, 630pm  
Why:  We want to provide a service to the community, that will make a difference - one person at a time!  

Next Steps  
E-mail Retrone Woods at and tell me about your health and fitness goals and to reserve your spot. We need to learn a little more about you to select the best people for our program. Unfortunately & fortunately, class sizes are limited to 6 per class. To better meet the needs of each individual because fitness is not one size fits all. We hope to inspire a great group of people with the proper tools and information to make a change.