I was surfing the web one day looking for fitness tips, and came across RW Functional Fitness, LLC Online Training Program. The word functional caught my eye so I took a few minutes to read a few pages. Once I got to the plan and rates page I read about the online trainer. So I became a client for the online training program. Every workout is programmed just for my fitness needs and goals, From the warm-up to the workout and even the cool down is tailored just for me. My husband told me 1 day that RW Functional Fitness has brought my sexy back(BIG BIG SMILE ON MY FACE). Co-workers are telling me how good I am looking, and whats my secret. Skinny jeans and heels are no longer in the back of the closet.

35, Becky S.
Santa Barbara, CA

I am very motivated to workout on my own, but just didn't know what exercises to do. RW Functional Fitness online training program took care of all that for me. Now I am getting a quality workout everyday just by checking my smartphone or email.

45, Kim B.
Atlanta, Ga

RW Functional Fitness is a great fitness site. I am a long distance runner, and was looking for something different from my regular workout. So be came a client of RW Functional Fitness online training program. I didn't want a tailored workout, but something off my nomal grid. And WOW that's what I got workout after workout. To my surprise my long distance times got better and I got stronger as well. My running partners told me this site is a waste of money. Now they are mad and jealous because my mile and 5K times are faster then theirs,

41, Brian W.
Tallahassee, FL

I have always wanted to join a gym. But was just to scared thinking everyone would be watching me. So with RW Functional Fitness online training program with meal planning. I am able to workout from the comfort of my home. It's been 6 weeks now and with some self motivation, some skype sessions here and there and clean eating some amazing workouts tailored just for me. I have dropped 10lbs and counting. Thanks RW Functional Fitness, LLC!!!!!!!

25, Kenya R.
Charlotte, NC

'My workout sessions with Retrone have been amazing. He is very professional at all times. All my workouts are programmed just for my health and fitness needs and he always makes sure I am using the correct form with my exercise movements. No trainer I had in the past has never made sure of that.'

22, Mary Q
Waxhaw, NC

I headed to see Retrone leave when he moved to Charlotte NC. My training sessionswith him was so amazing! He always knew jusy how mush to push me during my workouts, and knew just when to stop pushing. So now I am a subscriber to his online training program, and its like he is still here with me every session.

32, Becky A
Greenville, SC


Thursday, August 17, 2017 TODAY